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For an extensive look at the role of doctors in ushering in the Holocaust, read The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton. Part I of this book is entitled “Life Unworthy of Life: ‘The Genetic Cure.'” Nearly a hundred pages of this book is dedicated to exploring the progression from academic musings through the extermination of ‘lives unworthy of lives’ in the T4 program on the way to the full-blown Holocaust.

For an extensive look at the role acceptance of Darwinism had in the development of Nazi ideology, read From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany by Richard Weikart. Weikart explicitly denies that evolutionary theory necessarily leads to Nazism, but shows conclusively that the Nazis thought they were acting on the basis of Darwinian science.

For an exposition on how Binding and Hoche’s ideas are accepted and implemented today, read Wesley J. Smith’s Culture of Death: The Assault on Medical Ethics in America. An entire chapter entitled “Life Unworthy of Life” puts Binding and Hoche’s book into broader context and gives numerous modern day examples of the same ideas in action.

Another book that has an entire chapter titled “Life Unworthy of Life” is Gene Edward Veith’s Modern Fascism: Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview. This one comes with a twist, showing that Nazism wasn’t the only ‘-ism’ that embraced Binding and Hoche’s conclusions. More than the other books in this list, Veith’s endeavors to show how these other ‘-isms’ saw themselves in conflict with a Christian worldview.

 Books/Resources that Reference Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche’s book:

Stephen L. Chorover, From Genesis to Genocide:  The Meaning of Human Nature and the Power of Behavior Control (Cambridge, Mass:  The MIT Press, 1979).